50+ Fun Team Building Activities Your Remote Team Will Love

Virtually it can shuffle acting out ideas, or in persona can shuffle. One person, typically the host, does research on a variety of prompts. For example, you can aggregate numbers related to animals, human behavior, food preferences, and the solar system. An alternative is that you can send a survey out to your team members and their families, and then use the answers from these surveys as your data source. While this isn’t as in-depth as a home tour, it’s still a small way to get to know those you work with! Especially if you don’t get to physically see them at work every single day.

Using the Flywheel Model for Fun and Profit There are loads of ways to grow a company. Atlassian chose the “flywheel” approach early on, and let’s just say we don’t regret it. This collection of articles from our Chief Revenue Officer takes you deep into various aspects of the flywheel model and shares a metric tonne of lessons we’ve learned over the years.

When employees have genuine relationships and are comfortable with one another, they work better as a team and collaborate more efficiently. If face-to-face get-togethers aren’t possible, video meetings and virtual tem building games can be the perfect alternative. Learn how you can keep your team engaged and feeling part of the company culture even when working remotely. Find out the top 11 games that bring your team together, provide meaningful interaction, and keep your staff for the long haul. For more than 20 years, we’ve been helping teams like yours enhance open communication and build team camaraderie. If you want to rekindle the bonds your team once shared, or you’re assembling a new virtual team for the post-pandemic world, we are here to help.

The physical distance of remote work can quickly turn into emotional distance, so it’s important to create a comfortable team culture that virtual workers can rely on. According to TeamBonding “65% of remote workers say they have never had a team building session”. Play video conference games such as virtual Bingo or online scavenger hunts. Recommended How Employee Recognition Can Boost Morale and Retention Employee recognition is a key driver in carving out a healthy and sustainable company culture. Learn how fostering authentic employee engagement with your team can positively impact your business.

How Do You Facilitate Team Building Virtually?

One question with this game, have you ever heard of it turning into a fire hazard? That could definitely spark conversation amongst team members. A fun teambuilding exercise for both virtual teams and in person would be a scavenger hunt. Each clue leading them to the ultimate prize, a gift card, swag bag, free paid day off, etc. This activity can be done individually, by teams, departments, or however you see fit for the company size and where the teams are located.

Remote work situations means that there’s also a need for virtual team building options. It’s essential to help employees feel connected, even while physically dispersed. Build Relationships – Revitalize relationships between remote employees with a fun and engaging virtual team building activity.

With so many reasons to celebrate, you will easily find occasions to host virtual parties at regular intervals. Conducting an ice-breaking exercise in the team chat or video meetings. For example, everybody in the team could get the chance to ask the new starter a question about themselves , or this could be done in the form of a guessing game. There are a lot ofZoom scavenger hunt ideasto try out, from the simple to the extravagant. Most importantly, add an interesting theme to make it even more engaging, and pick one which suits your team’s tastes, whether that might be movies, video games, social media or world geography.

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Webex also has all the main features that will bring success to any virtual meeting, such as screen sharing, meeting recording and transcription, AI-powered meeting assistance, and much more. We looooove ice breaker questions, our own game, QuizBreaker, is full of them! But, we’ve also got awesome blog posts listed below with hundreds of suggested questions you can use in your meetings. These types of team building activities are great because they’re simple and you can learn so much about another person through the photos they take. They also mean that quite literally anyone with a phone can join it. Murder mystery challenges should be a good mixture of suspense and fun.

Personality Or Leadership Assessments

The show “How I Met Your Mother” shows a perfect example of this in a couple of their episodes. I think a great way to team build would be to gather in a group/virtual space to play a game of Scattergories. Not only does it require everyone to think creatively and remember anything possible but it creates greater bonds with other co-workers. Since you have to go over all the answers it also can lead to learning something about your co-worker and figuring out why each co-worker answers differently. On top it expands your own knowledge about things you may have not known about before. When I worked virtually a few years ago, we had a virtual happy hour that turned into a game of virtual beer pong.

remote team building

Instead of announcing what the gift is, you’ll add a card to the board with a picture and title that provides a hint. But when you work from home, there’s no such social contract to uphold. Building bonds between teammates is extra-important when you’re in remote or hybrid mode, as a growing body of research confirms.

Arms Reach Show & Tell Simple & Fun

In 2019, 22 percent of Americans were working from home, almost half using telecommuting or virtual work environments for at least some responsibilities. Plus, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest How to Hire a Remote Team that virtual teams are here to stay. The number of remote workers has been increasing year over year and predictions state that73 percent of all teams will have remote workers by 2028.

  • I received compliments and comments from so many people who would love to do it again.
  • While they may not seem as important as client deadlines, these team-building strategies are just as significant to your business’s success in the short and long term.
  • Team members should create ways to communicate instantly whilst completing the challenge.
  • Team-building is especially important for skeletal staffs during these uncertain times.

Draw a cartoon character on the board while talking about the meeting agenda or add a totally nonsense statistic to a performance report. You can have the game end there if you wish or you’re short on time. But you can also go one step further and have people talk to their salt-and-pepper partner to find things they have in common or to engage in some other get-to-know-you activity. Have each team member choose a company value or policy and make a video that explains it in a way that would be engaging for a new employee.

Developed by expert online team game designers and a team with 5+ years developing unique virtual group events. Whether or not you complete your mission in time, the leader will be able to review what went well and what didn’t go so well during the virtual activity. The debrief after your online experience will no doubt be filled with lots of laughs and lessons learned. Raise your hand if you and your remote teammates talk about music. (Thought so. Pretty much everyone does.) The content team at Trello is no different… but they’ve gone next-level with it. Using Spotify, they create collaborative playlists that anyone on the team can listen to and help curate.

Tips To Manage Stress Of Your Remote Team

Our week-long challenge features a mix of daily activities that encourage your group to get healthy as a team. Challenges include a mix of videos, photos, social media and trivia. This lively virtual musical experience is a great way to bring people together through the power of song. You’ll create team harmony in more ways than one, while boosting confidence and celebrating the spirit of creativity.

Learn effectively via bite-sized video tutorials taught by award-winning instructors. Keep in mind that after-work activities should be voluntary, as many employees will need to spend time with their families. Consider whether you want to reward and recognize employees on an individual basis or as teams. Some video conferencing apps allow you to addInsta-style filterssuch as cat ears or whiskers, while others let you change your background. Zoom users, for example, cancustomize their backgrounds, so it looks like they’re joining the meeting from an exotic location. It’s a good idea to replace the lost opportunities for general chit chat with a virtual equivalent.

Our high-energy game show host conducts this event just like the classic TV favorite. In the virtual version, teams of 5 – 10 people face https://globalcloudteam.com/ off for approximately 15 minutes before more teams are rotated in. Camaraderie doesn’t have to end because your team’s working remotely.

Asynchronous Team Building Activities

Remote teams are made up of many different cultures and nationalities, and that is why this team building activity works so well. As the holidays are coming up, it is a great opportunity to hold an online celebration via any video conferencing platform. These parties can include specific themes like wearing an ugly Christmas sweater.

This activity encourages the team to ask each other creative questions and use clever interpersonal techniques to get information. Getting managers involved demonstrates that they care enough to show up and help build the team. But it also takes pressure off individual employees to manage the event, so they can focus on getting the most out of the activity.

Host A Remote Lunch And Learn

This can help you to identify the personality of each of your team workers and can create human connections between them that can help you break the feeling of isolation at work. Remote team building or Virtual team building is a method of bringing remote teams together and creating a work environment that mimics a real office environment. While physical proximity prompts camaraderie in traditional offices, a lack of face-to-face interaction in virtual offices means that team building needs to be more intentional. Remote workers often report feeling disconnected from peers. When leaders take steps to connect dispersed colleagues, co-workers feel less alone. Feelings of belonging increase worker satisfaction, which can also improve employee engagement and productivity.

When you have a virtual team, you do not get those small coffee break chats in the office, so why not create a Slack channel specifically for that. It can be a channel where people post funny videos or random facts, really anything not work-related. A fun Slack channel allows your team to take a quick break and release some stress through laughter. This simple team building activity is a great way to break the ice and to help employees learn a lot about each other.

This online team building activity is highly competitive and highly addictive. Resilience and wellness both have a huge impact on productivity and overall happiness. In this virtual team building event, you’ll learn how to adapt to changes and recharge effectively in today’s new work-at-home reality. This lively online team building activity brings all the excitement of the horse track to any team gathering. It’s led by one of our amazing facilitators, with all the racing action taking place in real time for all to see. One way to create a team remotely is to invest time and attention in doing virtual team activities.

I think another fun idea would be like a talent show almost. I think right now people have nothing to do and so they’ve had weeks to come up with weird things while isolating. I’ve also thought a “early close” scavenger hunt would be great where the it’s separated into teams. Those teams then complete the hunt and post their finds to the group chat and they have a designated time/place to meet and conversation when completed.

Plus it forces team members to take a little downtime and relax. An exciting remote team building exercise could consist of having a themed dress up relay race/workout. On Thursday, dress up in jazzercise/80’s gear and participate in a minute workout session. To add a competitive aspect to this, you can create teams and a relay race. Whoever completes 15 push ups passes onto the next team member that has to complete 20 jumping jacks, so on and so forth until a team finishes first.

While teams may know when a remote employee embarks on an adventure, it can be difficult for members across the company to know when a remote employee is gone. Doing so will encourage others to take vacation and seek out new places to visit with some tips from trusted sources. Developments in collaborative technologies — ranging from shared workspaces to multi-point video conferencing — unquestionably are making virtual teaming easier. However, selecting the “best” technologies does not necessarily mean going with the newest or most feature-laden.

I think a fun team building activity would be a field day. Where half the day is a water balloon fight, dunk tank, obstacle courses, challenges/games, food, talking to friends etc! To make it virtual you could set up a small obstacle course outside and film some different challenges and post them to the groups chat. Winner could receive a gift card for some summer activities. I feel team buildings for remote teams is an excellent motivator for staff members of an organization to engage with one another as internal communication is usually lacking.

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